Tante Kwebbel

(duration: 01-2006 - 01-2007 /// funding: Kenniswijk Project, SenterNovum)

Project Summary

Some changes in the structure of the care and health organization (introduction of the WMO) have big consequences. The "system" depends more on civil initiatives and self-organization of the community.

Unfortunately, voluntary work is changing. People are willing to do their share of voluntary work to society, but on total different conditions than before. They don't want long term commitments and obligations. They would like to flexible available to participate in activities that give satisfaction. Therefore, voluntary work has to become more flexible to make use of this potential group of volunteers.

Besides that is the group of elderly people with the need of special facilities is growing. Not all elderly are healthy, have enough social contact or have a decent pension. There will always be groups of elderly people with a less solid position in society, like for example chronically sick people, lonely people and people with a low income. 

Who is "Tante Kwebbel"?

Tante Kwebbel brings people in contact with each other. That is the thing she is really good at. She knows everyone and everyone knows her. If you need some help, she knows what to do. Everyone that subscribes with Tante Kwebbel, can call her or can be called by her. Nothing complicated, nothing obligatory.

Tante Kwebbel is actually a smart telephone-system, that exactly knows what someone wants and who is available on that moment. People can be honest to a telephone-system, so they can say no, when they are not able to help.

Tante Kwebbel