Sensor Technology On Radio Modules

(funding: Programmalijn kunde, Pieken in de Delta /// duration: 06/2008 - 06/2012 )

Project Summary

STORM focuses on developing new products, systems en concepts based on wireless sensor networks (WSN).

The project can be divided into three sections:

> the central project Building Blocks consisting of the main project's hardware and software;

> the application project Greenhouse;

> the application project Tracking & Tracing.

Almende activities

Within STORM, Almende will be focussing her research activities on development of the software architecture and the operating system. For the software architecture, Almende aims for modular software development. This allows for easy variations in functionality, without completely altering the entire software architecture. Very similar to the software architecture, the operating system should facilitate modularity. Hence, the aim is modulair usable operating system, which is ported in real-time to numerous processes.


Sense Tech Blog related to WSN (by Freek van Polen)


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After the STORM

After 4 years of research, the STORM project leaves behind quite a legacy: a mature wsn platform, an indoor localisation application, and a commercial application for climate control in greenhouses.

WSN Works In Challenging Surroundings

For the project Storm, a wireless sensor network was installed in a tomato greenhouse to take exact temperature and CO2 readings.