ROD 2.0

(funding: Rotterdam Media Commission /// duration: 10/2011 – 10/2012)

Rotterdam Open Data (ROD) is a local initiative that aims to make governmental and municipal data publicly available and accessible to everyone. The initiators of ROD believe that individuals and (creative) enterprises can benefit greatly from public data on topics such as health, infrastructure, mobility, safety.

The main tool of ROD is the Rotterdam Open Data Store, a 'content hub' where data is collected and made available. Students, researchers and businesses are encouraged to use open data to develop innovative applications and services.

Rotterdam Open Data


ROD 2.0 is the next step in this mission to disclose useful (non-private) information. The project aims to make the Data Store more interactive and complete by including user-generated content. At the moment, the Data Store is only fed by governmental sources. An interactive two-way flow of information would greatly enhance the value of the data.

A second point of attention within the project is improving cooperation between municipality, business, research and education. ROD not only makes municipal data available to the latter three groups, but also encourages parties to learn from each other.

Almende activities

Merely making open data available is not enough, the data needs to be accessible. Almende focuses on visualizing large amounts of data in such a way that people can interpret and use them.

Further, the CommonSense platform which was developed by Almende's subsidiary Sense Observation Systems, will be used to enrich the data. In CommonSense, data from various feeds can be combined to learn to interpret states of the world. These states can then be used for any kind of user application.


Website Rotterdam Open Data

ROD is consistent with Digitale, the Dutch government's ICT-policy for 2011-2015.


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Open Data Initiative Carries On

Almende Group is still actively involved in the Rotterdam Open Datastore.

Open Data Store 2.0

ROD 2.0 kicks off. This project will enhance the Rotterdam Open Data Store, a platform that makes open data available to the public.

Hans Abbink on Steering Committee ROD

Almende's CEO takes a seat in the steering committee for Rotterdam Open Data, a local initiative that aims to disclose municipal data to citizens and businesses.