Past: Care & wellbeing Past: Care & wellbeing

CCF2 - Independent Living

Helping elderly people remain independent through smart technological innovations, this project tests a wireless sensor network in a home for the elderly.


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Extreme Wireless Distributed Systems: part of the COMMIT program, this project aims do develop very large wireless sensor-actuator networks for use in crowd control.


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Analysing the social networks of homeless clients of the CVD, using the Individual Network Quotient.


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This applied research project used the ASK communication platform in the context of elderly care.


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Ookjij Maakt Vrienden

Using ASK communication technology to facilitate web-based communication between young people with different mental handicaps.


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Patient-Centred Health Care

This PhD-project investigates how ethics can be taken into account at design time of systems that support the communication in health care.


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The aim of the ProHeal project is to demonstrate the usage of self-managing properties inside software systems for elderly care on top of Internet of Things networks. The consortium will study...


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Developing a modular, heterogeneous IT system that will help elderly people to live independently, while staying in contact with caretakers, friends and family.


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Sensor-based Engagement for Improved Health - Part of the COMMIT-program, this project uses sensor technology and ICT systems to give people real time, personalized advice for a healthier life.


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This ICIS-project aimed at developing a generic WSN platform facilitating communication and matching between health care demand and availability.


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Smart reasoning systems for well-being at home and at work; a COMMIT project.


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Tante Kwebbel

Applied research project facilitating neighbourhood cohesion using principles of self-organization.


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Adapting the ASK communication system te be used in the Zorgwinkel Humanitas-Bergweg, to allocate and grade interns.


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Past: Communication & Coordination Past: Communication & Coordination


The main goal of CIM (Cybernetic Incident Management) was to shape theoretical disaster plans into an active dynamic ICT structure.


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This Dutch project developed a swarm of UAVs to assist the fire department in pinpointing the location of natural fires.


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Hybrid Human-Agent Networks

This Casimir project called Human-Hybrid Agent Networks translated theoretical knowledge on hybrid agent networks into practical solutions for planning and incident management.


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Protocol Bridges

Protocol Bridges developed a universal multi-agent framework, which facilitates communications anytime, anywhere.


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Past: Energy Past: Energy


Incorporating energy efficiency criteria in the design phase of buildings, by modeling and simulating actual use.


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Active collaboration in datacenter ecosystems to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


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This FP7 project contributed to ICT energy reducing efforts by creating an energy-aware layer of plug-ins for data centre automation frameworks.


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Towards a dynamic energy market, through an Internet-of-Things approach with active prosumer hubs.


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Reducing energy consumption in underground metro stations through environmental and user modeling and control.


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Smart Grids: Building Energy Management Systems: The Art of Optimizing Energy Supply and Demand for Comfort - Optimizing energy consumption by connecting Smart Grids to Building Energy Management...


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Past: ICT Research Past: ICT Research


This Smart City project funded by Artemis develops a system-of-systems for various (sub)urban systems.


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Developing large scale wireless sensor networks. The Almende focus within ALwEN is on tools that support such WSNs.


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This FP6 project developed a compositional modelling and validation framework for dynamically evolving software systems.


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ICIS research projects aim at developing techniques and methods that help to build information systems with intelligent behaviour.


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Interaction for Universal Acces: part of the COMMIT program, this project will develop virtual and mixed reality environments to improve interaction between humans and computers.


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An ITEA 2 project coordinated by Philips, aimed at global standards among real and virtual worlds, such as SecondLife.


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This FP7 project aims to develop an advanced robotic system, consisting of a large swarm of small autonomous robots that can self-assemble.


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ROD 2.0

Disclosing both municipal open data and user-generated content in the Rotterdam Open Data Store.


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Developing a self-organizing middleware platform that easily integrates WSN, RFID and business IT systems.


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Developing large scale wireless sensor networks. The Almende focus within STORM is on algorithms and distributed pattern recognition.


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Past: Logistics Past: Logistics


Better planning and realtime control in manufacturing complex, small-lot products, such as airplanes.


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Containers in a Network

In Containers in a Network, research focused on how wireless sensor networks can be applied to bulk container management.


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The aim of DEAL was to speed up negotiations between different (logistical) parties by using representation through software agents.


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A EUREKA project coordinated by Almende. The goal is to implement perpetual planning in logistics, through agent technology.


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Dynamic Contracting

This PhD-project will use multi-agent modeling to investigate and enhance the tendering process in government contracting in infrastructure.


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Intelligent Trading Agents

Developing software agents that facilitate decision making in multi-agent marketplaces using preference modeling; a PhD-project.


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Supporting and enhancing the complex logistical networks of the Port of Rotterdam, with the help of a multi-agent system.


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