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Almende Wraps Up ICIS Project

The ICIS Final Event of January 26th proved a worthy ending of this five-year BSIK program.

ICIS aimed to develop better techniques for making complex information systems more intelligent and supportive in decision making situations.

At the Final Event, Almende presented its contributions on an architecture for hybrid actor-agent networks and SENZORG, the application of this platform in a health care setting. According to Almende, such an architecture supports both people (e.g. cognition, decisions and emotion) and software agents (e.g. speed, frequency and connectivity).

Throughout the project, Almende worked on a multi-agent platform allowing for new technology plug-ins (e.g. ICIS building blocks). The sensor-platform was validated in SENZORG, a case-study with Humanitas.

The ICIS project started in 2003 and was hosted by D-CIS Lab, the open research partnership of Thales Nederland, the Delft University of Technology, the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Foundation of Applied Scientific Research.

For more information on all the Almende activities within ICIS visit the ICIS project page or visit the ICIS website.