"Almende" is an old Dutch word that can be translated in English as 'commons', which is a term used in pre-industrial times to designate those parts of the environment for which customary law exacted specific forms of community respect.  People called commons that part of the environment which lay beyond their own thresholds and outside of their own possessions, to which, however, they had recognized claims of usage, not to produce commodities but to provide for the substinence of their households.

Our vision is that the 'commons' offered by modern technology will be better used when individuals participate to the 'global brain' by applying the principles of self-organization. Our mission is then to create innovative ICT solutions to empower human beings to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. 

Founded in 2000, we are a Dutch SME based in Rotterdam, working on R&D solutions applying on several domains of ICT. Our staff is very diverse in skills, level of education, and country of origin: this original mix allows us to propose innovative solutions to challenging problems, delivering cutting-edge solutions commercialized via our spin-off companies, all belonging to the 'Almende Investments'-group.