P02: Interaction for Universal Access

(duration: 10/2011-10/2015  // funding: COMMIT, FES-subsidy for ICT)

Project Summary

The project aims to develop virtual and mixed reality environments to improve interaction between humans and computers. Interaction should be as natural and ‘human-like' as possible, allowing people to use both verbal and nonverbal communication to access a digital environment.

As a test-case, the project will develop a mixed reality learning environment, where people can learn about a new neighbourhood. Users can navigate through a digital environment, adding information, such as text, video and pictures, but also subjective information about social benefits and risks. Other users can thus learn not only about physical aspects and facts, but also about the social environment.

Contribution Almende

Almende contributes its expertise in situational awareness and interpreting sensor data. Using smartphones and ambient sensors, information about people and their surroundings will be collected and interpreted. The CommonSense platform will be made available to collect and share these data between participants.

About the COMMIT program

COMMIT is a massive consortium of 10 Dutch universities, and over 80 small and large businesses, research companies and non-profit organizations. The program consists of 16 projects in different areas in ICT, such as search engines, parallel computing, embedded systems and databases. The projects focus on pressing socio-economic issues, such as health and well-being, public safety and science.


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Almende Part of COMMIT Program

A big Dutch consortium was awarded 50 million euros in subsidies for ICT research. Almende takes part in one subproject.