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INTERNSHIP: Online playground Eve.js

Almende develops the multi-agent platform Eve. This platform has currently two implementations: one in Java and one in JavaScript. The JavaScript implementation can run in the browser as well as on node.js. Because it's a scripting language, it it possible to dynamically create and run software agents in a cloud environment. This gives the opportunity to create an approachable and fun online playground where people can fiddle around with software agents. 

The online playground could go in different directions:

Create some sort of interactive game where people can try to make an agent outsmarting agents of others. This could be a game such as:
- An ant colony game, where ants forage for food an guard against other colonies.
- A negotiation game where you have to write the logic of an agent to make the best negotations.
- A (simple) strategy game where all units are autonomous agents and fight cooperatively.

A simulator environment where you can run things like an agent based Game of Life, experiment with swarm intelligence, do crowd simulations, etc.

Create a playground where you can play around with distributed, agent based algorithms.

The playground could make use of visualizations of the vis.js library developed by Almende to display statistics, relations, history, etc. 

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a master student with experience in web development and an interest in software agents, distributed algorithms, and peer-2-peer solutions. You must be able to work autonomously and you will get help and feedback from experienced developers of Almende. You will need to be familiar writing full stack web applications (HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, NoSQL). The duration of the internship depends on the chosen concretization and can vary between 3 months and 6 months. 

If you are up to the challenge, you can contact our office-manager Chloé by emailing her to, or call our office at +31(0)10 404 9444.