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Luís Manteigas da Cunha


Luís Cunha achieved his Master's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at Aveiro University, Portugal. Working as a Research Fellow, he developed a prototype to motorize power energy quality according to European Norm EN50160. Later, he moved to the Netherlands to work in the maritime industry, helping with the development of high quality radar systems to monitor waves, tide and water levels.

He likes to keep learning, being inspired by people and big achievements in technology, environment, or society. He participated in competitions related to robotics, a field he always found fascinating, and in which he won several awards during his studies. 

The past few years, his desire for and interest in leaning and applying Artificial Intelligence into projects grew, leading to him expanding his knowledge on this subject.

At Almende, Luís is working on the KRISTINA-project ('Knowledge-Based Information Agent with Social Competence and Human Interaction Capabilities related to basic care and healthcare').


Almende, over 15 years of success in R&D

We are a Rotterdam-based SME, founded in 2000, conducting research and development activities in several ICT domains, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing systems. 

Our mission is to create innovative ICT solutions to empower human beings to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. For this purpose, we have created numerous software tools and hardware devices, which are commercialized via our daughter companies.

Currently, we are involved in several European and Dutch funded projects together with dozens of industrial and academic partners. Read more about our research and contact us for inquiries about our activity.