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Internships Hall of Fame

Over the years, we've welcomed quite a number of interns from universities and colleges all over the Netherlands, and even from abroad. Some of them stayed with us as employees, either at Almende or at one of our daughter companies.

The following people successfully carried out their internships with Almende:


Frerik Andriessen
Technical University of Delft (Space Engineering)

Lia Sterkenburg
University of Amsterdam (Human Centered Multi-Media)
"Diagnosis-technology combinations for elderly in context to Smart Assisted Living"

Wouter Bulten
Technical University of Delft (Artificial Intelligence)
"Indoor localization for wireless sensor networks"

Panagiotis Chatzichristodoulou
University of Maastricht (Artificial Intelligence)
"Life-long learning in robots"

Christian Haas
National Graduate School Centrale Marseille (General Engineering)
"Autopilot cleaning project"


Vincent van der Sleen
Technical University of Delft (Civil Engineering)
"Vision based Spacial Awareness"

Rashmi Narayanan
Technical University of Delft (Innovation Management and Entrepeneurship)
"Business models for Internet of Things in Ambient Assisted Living"

Jan-Paul van Osta
University of Leiden
"Smarting Vehicle Routing"

Pieter Loof
Technical University of Delft
'Smarter Routing Advices'

Roemer Vlasveld
Utrecht University
"Temporal Segmentation using Support Vector Machines in the context of Human Activity Recognition"


Alex de Mulder
Technical University of Delft
"Applied Computer Vision in Man-Machine Interaction and Intelligent Surveillance Systems"
currently works at Almende

Laurens Bliek
Technical University of Delft
"Nonlinear System Identification and Control for Autonomous Robots"

Michiel van Kampen
University of Applied Science Rotterdam/Hogeschool Rotterdam

Marc Hulscher
Technical University of Delft
"Joint Action Reasoning for Local Agents"
currently works at

Jeroen Jansze
Utrecht University
"Time Series Prediction with Application in the Barcelona Metro"

Jorik Hulshof
Technical University of Delft
"ARSON: A Robotic Search Optimization"

Enrico Peek
University of Applied Science Rotterdam/Hogeschool Rotterdam

Sjoerd Marsman
University of Applied Science Rotterdam/Hogeschool Rotterdam
"Modulair OBD-II uitlezen"


Remco Tukker
Radboud University of Nijmegen
"Echo State Networks to Investigate Information Integration and Separation Demands of PFC Tasks"


Pim Nijdam 
Technical University of Delft
"Runtime Adaptation via Evolution on Wireless Sensor Networks"
currenlty works at 


Ellen Wang
Technical University of Delft
"Bio-Inspired Data Diffusion in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Vijeth Rai
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
"Robot Metamorphosis and Self-Organized Control"

Andrei Rusu
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
"Cognitive Modelling in Robotics"


Ted Schmidt
University of Groningen
"Robotics: Environmental Awareness Through Cognitive Sensor Fusion"
currenlty works at 


Freek van Polen
University of Utrecht
"Touch-Torch: Detecting Gestures with Distributed Kohonen Networks"
currently works at 

Nghia Nguyen Duy
InHolland College
"Application programming interface for Nabaztag, smart wifi device"



Almende, over 15 years of success in R&D

We are a Rotterdam-based SME, founded in 2000, conducting research and development activities in several ICT domains, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing systems. 

Our mission is to create innovative ICT solutions to empower human beings to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. For this purpose, we have created numerous software tools and hardware devices, which are commercialized via our daughter companies.

Currently, we are involved in several European and Dutch funded projects together with dozens of industrial and academic partners. Read more about our research and contact us for inquiries about our activity.