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Almende Investments

Almende Investments

Over the years, Almende's research has resulted in the creation of several spin-off companies. Further, Almende has acquired a number of companies which develop technology that closely match our views on technology and society.

This collection of companies is managed through the Almende Investments fund.


Daughter companies
A synergetic relationship exists between the different companies in the Almende group. The subsidiary companies and participations emerged from and make use of Almende's assembled knowledge, while Almende uses their market position to test and implement innovative ICT products. The different subsidiary companies also work together closely on several projects.





DO Bots

         DEAL Services


RITHM (voorheen Rotterdam CS)









Sense Labs





Almende, over 15 years of success in R&D

We are a Rotterdam-based SME, founded in 2000, conducting research and development activities in several ICT domains, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing systems. 

Our mission is to create innovative ICT solutions to empower human beings to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. For this purpose, we have created numerous software tools and hardware devices, which are commercialized via our daughter companies.

Currently, we are involved in several European and Dutch funded projects together with dozens of industrial and academic partners. Read more about our research and contact us for inquiries about our activity.