Hybrid Human-Agent Networks

(duration: 01-04-2005 - 30-03-2009 / funding: Casimir programme of SenterNovum)

Project summary

Hybrid agent networks and incorporated adaptive learning mechanisms are an important research subject in the ICT sector.What is lacking behind is the availability of relevant translations of theoretical knowledge into practical solutions.

Research conducted on co-operative planning systems, incident management and distributed diagnosis generate promising application possibilities which are not realized today. The interaction between Almende and universities provides knowledge and networks to bridge this gap.


Within the Casimir program, two PhD-students performed research within the scope of multi-agent scheduling and planning.

Adriaan ter Mors worked on the SUPPORT project, which investigates ways to improve cooperation between different logistical parties in the port of Rotterdam, mainly road freight companies and the container terminal. 

Xiaoyu Mao investigated ways of using multi-agent technology for airport ground handling. Airport ground handling entails all the actions that have to be performed on and around an airplane when it is on the ground: loading and unloading suitcases and catering supplies, de-icing, technical maintenance and check-ups, fuelling, etcetera.

About Casimir

Goal of the Casimir research programme is to increase mobility of researchers and exchange of researchers between companies and public knowledge institutes. Core of the Casimir program is to give beta and technical researchers employed in knowledge institutes a chance to work temporarily for companies and vice versa. Mobility and the possibility to continue a career as researcher at a different setting makes a job as researcher more challenging and versatile. Casimir projects will increase the attraction of a research career and will improve the labour market for researchers.


Demo page Hybrid Human Agent Networks

Cees Witteveen (EWI - TU Delft) (PhD supervisor)

Jaap van der Herik (Tilburg Centre for Creative Computing) (PhD supervisor)

Nico Roos (University of Maastricht - Department of Knowledge Engineering) (PhD supervisor)

Adriaan ter Mors (EWI - TU Delft) (PhD-researcher)

Xiaoyu Mao (Almende / Tilburg Centre for Creative Computing) (PhD-researcher)


TU DelftTilburg UniversityMaastricht University

Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium


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[VIDEO] Airport Under Control

In the aula of Tilburg University, Almende colleague Xiaoyu Mao succesfully defended his PhD-thesis "Airport Under Control".