Ludo Stellingwerff
Ludo Stellingwerff
Senior Software Engineer



Almende offers a broad range of (mainly software) tools that have been built in the past decade either within funded projects or as part of the daily R&D activities of the company. Some of them have led to the creation of spin-off companies, whereas others have accomplished their purposes and have been discontinued. In general, we believe in open-source software and hence we encourage our developers to release their non-commercial software on web-based repositories, such as GitHub. 

We are always open to new ideas and projects where our expertise can find application. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas!

A non-comprehensive list of our current technology assets includes:

a multipurpose web-based agent platform; Eve is the only existing platform that is not only open but also language- and platform-independent, thus making it  an ideal candidate for the integration of heterogeneous systems. Find out more about Eve here

a JavaScript browser-based visualization library which has been designed to handle large amounts of dynamic data while enabling the user to interact and manipulate them. Find out more about Vis.js here

an inference engine that discovers the details of a process occuring in a context using the measurements about  a real-life instance of the process. Such knowledge can then be used to calculate KPI's, visualize analytics, make predictions, and validate models. Find out more about ASIMOV here.

a multi-agent solution to handle unexpected (and potentially disruptive) events during the scheduling of operations. Currently, it has been applied to the manufacturing and the health management domains. Find out more about MIDAS here.

Crownstone produces a smart power outlet (also called the Crownstone) that let's you take control of your power usages and increases comfort. It uses Bluetooth Low-Energy to establish your presence through your smartphone, and recognizes devices by very accurate current and voltage measurements.  Find out more about the Crownstone here.