Adaptive pRodUction Management

(duration: 09-2012 – 09-2015 // funding: FP7 – Smart Factories – Energy-Aware, Agile Manufacturing and Customisation)

ARUM Adaptive Production Management

Manufacturing complexity

The ARUM project aims to improve planning and control systems for the manufacturing of complex, small-lot products, such as aircraft, aircraft interiors, and ships.

Producing aircraft is incomparable to producing large-quantity products such as cars or computers. A car manufacturer makes a relatively small investment in design and production ramp-up (the phase between designing a prototype and smooth production of the final product line), compared to the number of cars it eventually sells. A company like Airbus faces a similar investment, even though it will only sell a small number of aircraft of the same design. Ships and aircraft are often produced in batches as small as 3 to 5, or are even completely customized.

Small-lot manufacturers thus need ICT solutions and tools to speed up their learning curve, allowing a smoother transit from design to production. They simply cannot learn from mistakes at the beginning of a series, but must get it right on the very first model.

Some of the issues that these tools need to deal with include:

> last-minute engineering changes

new or changing requests by customer

delayed delivery of parts

little control over pre-assembly by partners.


ARUM proposes to develop an intelligent Enterprise Service-Based platform (i-ESB). The platform will integrate a service-based architecture with a knowledge-based Multi-Agent System.

The i-ESB platform will gather information from sources such as sensors and resource management systems, giving decision makers and planners better insight into and control over the design-to-production process. Also, time-, cost- and risk-analysis will take place within the platform.

The project has a double approach, making use of both prediction (in the pre-planning phase) and real-time control (in the production phase).

Almende's efforts

Within the project, Almende's main focus is on the architecture of the multi-agent system. Futher,  Almende is involved in the development of user-friendly interfaces, and simulation tools for self-organized distributed multi-project scheduling of manufacturing processes. These simulators must be able to robustly handle all information in real-time.


ARUM project website


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Positive review ARUM project

The ARUM project has received a positive second year review from the European Union. Almende developed the multi-agent system MIDAS for this European research project.

Complex manufacturing

Almende joins European research project aimed at improving planning and control in aircraft and ship manufacturing.