Andries Stam

interaction, virtualization, cloud, sensor, smartphone, paradigm, reo, creol, vereofy, flex, google app engine, vmware, iphone, android, myrianed, myrianode.

About Andries:
Andries Stam received his M.Sc in Computer Science at the University of Leiden and his Ph.D at the same university on a thesis about the modeling of interaction in distributed evolving software systems. For six years, he worked as a consultant for various companies in The Netherlands (Telegraaf Amsterdam, ING Nederland, Ordina Holding, KLPD zoetermeer, ICTU Scheveningen, etc.).

Andries' research interests include model-driven and interaction centric software development, virtualization and cloud computing, and smartphone and wireless sensor programming. He has published in the areas of software engineering, coordination languages, and enterprise architecture.

Research projects: 


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