Ambient Living with Embedded Networks

(duration: 10/2008 - 11/2011 // subsidy: PointOne of SenterNovum)

Project summary

Ambient Living with Embedded Networks, the combination of Body Sensors, Ambient Sensors, Wireless Networks and Telemedicine implements a novel approach to zeroth, first and second line care, and addresses the widely recognised fact that care must be organised differently in the future.

The ALwEN consortium, coordinated by DevLab, has set the concrete goal of bringing the engineering science for such systems to the level of commercial product viability within the period of three years. The developed concepts and methods will be implanted in a new generation low-cost integrated circuit (IC) with embedded computation and wireless communication.

The economic goal of this project is to enable the industrial partners, in three years time, to deploy applications based on the developed systems concepts. Applications, running on (2 euro coin sized) wireless sensor nodes built around this IC, will have the necessary embedded intelligence to instrument e.g. an elderly home with 50 rooms with up to 20 wireless nodes in each room. The key differentiator of the ALwEN project is that it aims to cover all spects from the network and applications right down to the low-cost node, deploy and test the researched subjects together with a consortium of SME companies for the exploitation.


ALwEN website

Sense Tech Blog related to WSN (by Freek van Polen)


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ALwEN Milestones

Researchers in the ALwEN project presented their results at the Closing Symposium held at the Technical University of Eindhoven.

"Big Brother"-House for ALwEN

In an experiment to monitor every-day activities with sensors only, the ALwEN project partners have installed a large WSN in a house in Enschede.