Adaptive Cooperative Control in Urban (sub)Systems

(duration: 01-06-2013 – 31-05-2016 /// fundingARTEMIS 2012-1)

Many automated urban systems - like traffic lights, energy distribution grids, and outdoor lighting - are managed by self-contained embedded systems. This is an undesirable situation, because these systems are highly co-dependent, on each other, and on the behaviour of people.

ACCUS aims to develop the necessary infrastructure to integrate (sub)urban embedded systems into a system-of-systems, allowing them to cooperate. Such a system-of-systems will improve (energy)efficiency and their ability to adapt to and anticipate human behaviour. The ACCUS infrastructure will provide the basis on which third parties can run various applications.

Two Smart Cities

Two pilot sites will be site up; one in the Tri-City/Gdansk metropolitan area in Poland, and one in the Slovenian city of Ljubljana. Here, the integrated ACCUS platform will be validated and applications and services will be demonstrated. Various subsystems will be installed, such as 3D GIS visualization, mHelp, intelligent street traffic radars, smart grids, water management, public transport management, and many others.

Almende's contribution

Almende joins the ACCUS project as member of DevLab. Almende and DevLab will focus in gathering and interpreting sensor data from heterogeneous sources, such as the urban embedded systems themselves, wireless sensor networks and mobile devices.

Prediction algorithms will be developed to allow the urban system-of-systems to anticipate real-life behaviour of occupants and other objects, such as cars.


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Almende/DevLab join Smart City project ACCUS

ACCUS integrates urban subsystems such as intelligent transport, city lighting and energy management.