Ludo Stellingwerff
Ludo Stellingwerff
Senior Software Engineer



Jos de Jong // Alex de Mulder // Ludo Stellingwerff

(keywords: data visualization, timeline, network)


Vis.js is a dynamic, browser based visualization library. The library is designed to be easy to use, to handle large amounts of dynamic data, and to enable manipulation of and interaction with the data.

Currently, the library consists of four components: Network (visualizing data in the form of networks), Timeline (visualizing data in form of timelines) Graph2D, and Graph3D (for 2D and 3D datasets, respectively).





Network (left) and timeline (right) component. Vis.js offers practically unlimited ways to customize the style.

Estimated TRL/Maturity: TRL 6 (i.e., technology demonstrated in relevant environment), high maturity (tested and applied, yet still under development, it is a work-in-progress).
Past projects: ARUM, BRIDGE, ADAPT4EE
Unique selling points: open source, highly flexible, user interaction, working on portable devices, no installation required (the whole library can be included with a single line of code), clustering offers no practical bounds to number of nodes.
Competitors: Gephi, GraphViz (usually require installation, not as portable/flexible as vis.js)
Key references: de Jong et al (Graph Visualization 2013), international award on Bordeaux wines visualization.
Demos available: ARUM, MIDAS, BRIDGE awareness system, Bordeaux wines visualization.
Possible developments: addition of a dashboard and user-interaction with data, integration of timeline and Graph2D, more customization of the results.
Ideas for application: any project involving data visualization; it has an additional value for those projects where portable and/or heterogeneous devices are involved; possibility to work with real-time streaming data (possible application to energy and mobility projects in Cities).