Suki van Beusekom
Suki van Beusekom



About Suki
Suki studied ICT at The Hague University and received his Bachelor of ICT in 2011. For this degree he conducted an internship researching the possibilities of using a (Semantic) Multi Agent System to generally improve planning and coordination in the transport sector. For his minor credits and personal interest he followed a great part of the Bachelor Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University.

Next to his studies, Suki worked as a part-time web developer, developing complex web applications, also conducting the training and management of several interns.

During and after this period he also worked as an acknowledged artist, creating video and conceptual art and performing at arts and entertainment festivals and events. Further, he was involved in setting up a company for importing LED Technology from Poland and distributing it within the Benelux, accompanied by services and support.