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vf-OS project kicks off in Calpe, Spain

During the first week of October 2016, Almende participated in the kickoff meeting of the vf-OS project, an Horizon 2020 European project, running for the coming 3 years. The vf-OS project aims at the creation of the tooling needed for supporting smart factories, taking an open-data approach to enhance collaboration, efficiency and by effect productivity of the manufacturing industry. Almendes input is centered around service orchestration, personal situation awareness and data portals. It is our ambition to approach these portals in a fully distributed way, in adherence to our core competence on Distributed Intelligent Systems.

Under the ambitious and animated leadership of Information Catalyst for Enterprise (ICE) the kickoff meeting was both productive and good fun, largely due to the great venue in Calpe, Spain. Group activities included among many others: Building towers with spaghetti & newspapers, discovering a shared glossary, writing deliverables, etc. All in all, the vf-OS project will keep us usefully engaged.