Chloé Pothof
Office Manager


INTERNSHIP: network theory/vis.js

For a few years now, Almende has been working on ways to visualize data to give users insights into their data. Since online interfaces are widespread and easy to interact with, we have developed vis.js. One of the ways to present data is with a network view.. This can be data like social networks, biological networks, flows of funding, etc. 

What is it about?
We recently obtained a very large dataset showing the flows of European Union research funding. With this, we can use concepts like centrality to determine which companies are hubs in the interconnected mesh of cooperating companies, or by implementing a path-finding algorithm. We can find the shortest path between companies, showing us whom of our contacts could be used to contact a new party. These are a few examples of the benefits Network Theory can provide when used on large collections of data. 

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a motivated master student with a technical background and a talent for programming. He or she is expected to be able to handle the freedom to explore the possibilities of Network Theory autonomously, develop a prototype and eventually a finalized module that can work alongside vis.js.

We have experienced developers who can assist the student with planning their project, software architecture, integration with vis.js and are available for questions regarding vis.js or coding in general. 

The internship can be scoped to fit within 3 or 6 months. Vis.js is written in JavaScript, but if you are experienced in other languages it should be relatively easy to pick up. The end result is expected to be fully written in JavaScript. This is not meant as a beginners course in programming, some programming experience is required. 

If you are up to the challenge, you can contact our office-manager Chloé by emailing her to, or call our office at +31(0)10 404 9444.