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The aim of the ProHeal project is to demonstrate the usage of self-managing properties inside software systems for elderly care on top of Internet of Things networks. The consortium will study self-managing properties, principles, algorithms and performance metrics and apply a subset of them to existing technologies for elderly care.

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Working at Almende

Working at Almende Almende is an innovative research company with a diverse and ambitious staff of researchers, developers and of course office support. We study the principles of...


LINKS   Social Networks   Interested in self-organization, complexity, emergence, chaos, networks, and more? Follow  @AlmendeBV  on Twitter!   Almende...

Almende Investments

Almende Investments Over the years, Almende's research has resulted in the creation of several spin-off companies. Further, Almende has acquired a number of companies which develop technology...


An ITEA 2 project coordinated by Philips, aimed at global standards among real and virtual worlds, such as SecondLife.


This Smart City project funded by Artemis develops a system-of-systems for various (sub)urban systems.


Sensor-based Engagement for Improved Health - Part of the COMMIT-program, this project uses sensor technology and ICT systems to give people real time, personalized advice for a healthier life.


vis.js Jos de Jong // Alex de Mulder // Ludo Stellingwerff ( keywords : data visualization, timeline, network) Summary Vis.js is a dynamic, browser based...

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welcome Almende, over 15 years of success in R&D We are a Dutch SME conducting research and development activities in several ICT domains, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing...

DIGICOR Meeting Hamburg, 7th - 9th February

Last week, our CEO Andries Stam went to Hamburg for the DIGICOR project, where the consortium met for a behind-the-scenes look at one of our project partners: commercial aircraft company Airbus. DIGICOR is aiming to provide a platform for optimizing the distribution process between large companies, OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and SME's (Small/Medium Enterprises), making Airbus a suitable test-case.


CONTACT Address Stationsplein 45 unit D1. 116 3013 AK Rotterdam +31 (0)10 404 94 44 Social media: ...

Chris van Felius

Research Developer

Chloé Pothof

Office Manager

Suki van Beusekom

Software Developer

Ludo Stellingwerff

Senior Software Engineer

Allert Post



Almende, over 15 years of success in R&D

We are a Dutch SME conducting research and development activities in several ICT domains, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing systems. 

Our mission is to create innovative ICT solutions to empower human beings to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. For this purpose, we have created numerous software tools and hardware devices, which are commercialized via our daughter companies.

Currently, we are involved in several European and Dutch funded projects together with dozens of industrial and academic partners. Read more about our research and contact us for inquiries about our activity.