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Almende starts new project KRISTINA

Almende starts a new H2020 project named KRISTINA. A virtual agent will be developed to support migrants in their communication with health administrations.

EHealth: still a lot to be done

The use of eHealth is not as abundant as assumpted. More communication and finance is needed, according to several speakers at a conference of ZonMw.

Adapt4EE succesfully ended

Adapt4EE obtained a positive final review from the European Union. Almende has developed a simulation model for this project.

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Almende is a Dutch research company specialized in information and communication technologies.

Central to all our research is the concept of self-organization. We believe that computer systems and technology should support people in performing their professional tasks and organizing their daily lives. This means that ICT should learn to work for and with people, according to their individual wishes and demands.

At the core of all Almende solutions are hybrid agent networks: humans and computers working together. We look towards agent technology to develop smart software that truly supports people in organizing their own lives. 

Find our research applied in commercial settings with the spin-off companies of Almende.

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